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Services For Parents

‘Equipping you with the knowledge and skills to make a difference to your child’s development’

Children with ASD, Developmental Delay or Intellectual Disability throw up challenges often not encountered in typical parenting. Parents and carers of such children must think ‘outside the square’ and use different techniques to communicate with, and teach their children.

Outside the Square Psychology can assist parents and carers in the following ways:

  • Parent education. Helping to understand the child’s diagnosis, drawing on personal accounts from individuals with ASD, and current research. Information about how to explain your child’s diagnosis to them, to their siblings, to family, friends and people working with the child. To view our upcoming events click here
  • Counselling. Coming to terms with the diagnosis, impact on other family relationships, sibling issues
  • Entitlements. Increasing awareness of appropriate services, supports and entitlements
  • Supporting documentation for funding applications. Assistance with completing applications such as the ‘Treating Health Professionals’ report for Centrelink’s Carer Allowance
  • Behaviour Management Assistance to build a child’s skills, by decreasing undesirable behaviour, and increasing capabilities. For a full list of intervention techniques which may be used, click here
  • Referral (eg. for medication or other allied health interventions)

Many of our services attract Medicare and Private Health Rebates.

Services For Children

Helping children comprehend the neurotypical world’

Children with ASD, Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability and other diagnoses think outside the square. That is, they process information in a different way to typically developing children. This can mean they think in new and innovative ways. Such individuals could be described as having a diffability; a difference in abilities, rather than lacking in ability.

Outside the Square Psychology provides the following services for individuals:

• Autism diagnostic assessment

• Cognitive assessment 

• 1:1 skills building sessions

• Assistance with understanding their diagnosis

A psychologist may work directly with a child if their age and capability level mean that this would be beneficial. Areas of focus may be:

• anxiety management

• counselling

• self-care and life-skills development

• social skills

For a full list of intervention techniques which may be used, click here

Outside the Square Psychologists have experience with adolescents, teenagers and adults, and can work 1:1 with these age groups also.

Many of our services attract Medicare and Private Health Rebates.

Services For Professionals

‘Improving professional understanding, to enable better support to children and families’

Do you work with someone who thinks outside the square?

Outside the Square Psychology services can help teachers, school support staff, respite carers, allied health professionals and others to better understand those children who think outside the square.

In addition to assessment, diagnosis and direct therapy support for clients, we also provide:

• Supervision/mentoring for professionals requiring further skills development in the area of children with additional needs (including Autism Spectrum Disorders)

For further information and costs, click here

• Consultancy to schools, classroom visits, in-house PD

• Public speaking engagements at your agency

Some examples of presentation topics include:

  •  A Proactive Approach to Behaviour Management for Children with  Additional Needs
  •  Toilet Training for Children with Additional Needs
  •  Social skills interventions for Primary School Children
  •  Considerations for Siblings
  •  Anxiety Management
  •  Bullying and Children with Additional Needs
  •  Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  •  Understanding and Supporting Children with Autism
  •  Talking to the Child about their Autism Spectrum Diagnosis
  •  Puberty and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder and Eating Difficulties

We can develop a presentation specifically to meet the learning needs of your staff.

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